Unique 2017 Prom Bow Tie Ideas

Unique 2017 Prom Bow Tie Ideas

Let’s face it: Matching your bow tie with a dress for prom can be a painful process when your date keeps changing the color of her dress. Instead, there is a solution for picking the perfect prom bow tie that allows your date to change her mind as many times as she wants to.  In addition, at StoryWood Wearables, we have a tip for the prom vest or cummerbund that is trending in 2017, is a neutral color, and will work with any dress.

Why a black prom bow tie is not the best choice

Unfortunately, the color of your bow tie will send a message, and you do not want your prom to be an opportunity to send the wrong one. For this reason, a black bow tie should be avoided for prom because it is specifically for weddings and other formal events. Instead, prom is about showing off your date and what she is wearing, and her dress is usually a designer look meant to be elegant.  To match her look, choosing another color that goes along with her style is important as a good prom date.  After all, everyone will see the prom photos for years to come on social media, so it is important to make a good impression.

Picking the right neutral prom bow tie color without being boring

Some couples have it easy because she picked out her dress months ago, and the colors for his tuxedo, bow tie, and shoes are easy to find.  For other guys, their date is still shopping or they do not even have a date until the last minute.  Other guys want to look good because they are going to prom by themselves, but they know they will be in a few photos anyway.  For all of these reasons, it is nice to have a neutral bow tie that goes with what everyone else is wearing, and a wood bow tie is the perfect fit because it is shades of a neutral brown color.

Other prom bow tie tricks

One of the biggest issues with getting ready for prom night is not knowing how to tie a knot in a bow tie or tie.  Instead of fumbling with bow tie tying videos on your phone and feeling lost, a wood bow tie from StoryWood Wearables is the solution.  With our bow tie tying system, it is easy to adjust, put on, and pull off if you need a break during the night.  In other words, not knowing how to tie a bow tie on prom night is solved with StoryWood Wearables.

Matching royal blue prom tuxedo jackets or floral prom jackets

If you search online for prom tuxedos 2017 ideas, the first thing you see is royal blue jackets and lots of guys in masculine yet lacy floral prints.  Although it is obviously an interesting year for prom fashion, 2017 is leaving a lot of blank spaces for prom accessories for guys.  Regardless, this also means oddball dress-up accessories for prom that are manly will dominate.  

For example, a royal blue floral jacket with one of our wood bow ties from StoryWood matches perfectly with cowboy boots.   Floral jackets can also be accessorized in unexpected ways with belt buckles of historic value or other manly jewelry that is perfect for prom. One problem with the traditional black bow tie, however, is that royal blue and the color black rarely mix.  Instead, focus on other neutral colors for pants, shoes, bow ties, and other prom accessories for guys.

The prom vest or cummerbund trick for 2017

We sell a lot of accessories for prom at StoryWood Wearables like cufflinks, belt buckles, and unique bow ties made from historic woods, but the cummerbund makes a lot of guys fumble for prom.  After all, we have seen the photos where the guy looks weird wearing a cummerbund that seems to be the wrong color.  This is especially true if you choose a floral jacket or are going with the royal blue trend and cannot wear black.

In addition to foregoing a vest or cummerbund to focus on a belt buckle, using a neutral color for any accessories you choose is a good idea for prom.  Instead of going with the traditional black, go with this year’s trend for men’s clothing with a metallic gold cummerbund.  This look matches easily with any color you choose for shoes, jackets, and pants for prom and also styles well with any of our StoryWood Wearables.


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