Tired of Bow Tie Origami? The No-Tie Bow Tie Made of Wood

Tired of Bow Tie Origami? The No-Tie Bow Tie Made of Wood

When you watch videos about how to tie a bow tie, it can seem more like bow tie origami if you are not a natural.  If you have been searching online for ways to tie a bow tie or do not have the capability to tie any necktie in the first place, there are fashionable alternatives.  For example, StoryWood Wearables makes it easy to accomplish all of these goals, and you might be surprised to learn the types of customers that need a no-tie bow tie.  

In addition, our no-tie bow ties are getting some upgrades in the future, and we want to tell you more about what we will be offering. To learn more about how to get out of the bow tie-tying rut, as well as ways to help a wood bow tie match everything you own with the right neckband color, keep reading.

Who needs a no-tie bow tie?

There is always one person in your family that seems to know how to tie the perfect knot, and it is often not someone that actually wears the tie. This can be especially time-consuming if everyone goes to one event and each needs their tie perfect. For example, if a parent has several children that wear bow ties with their outfits, they can spend up to one hour or more adjusting the ties. This is especially true if the children are playing with the bow ties. Regardless, there are other reasons that people need to avoid tying a necktie, and our wood bow ties are perfect for this type of individual.

How wood bow ties work with no tie

One of the advantages of our wood bow ties is not using fabric to make the knot. Instead, the wood bow tie is visible from the front and it ties to the neck with an adjustable neck strap. This means that the wood bow tie is basically a pre-tied bow with an adjustable strap. It is an easy way to tie a bow tie, and it takes the origami out of the experience. One of the advantages we will have in the future is expanding the number of colors that we use for our bow ties.

Giving the gift of the easy way to tie a bow tie

In addition to young children that like to mess up their bow tie the minute it is tied, there are lots of other people that would like to wear a bow tie but will not be able to make the knot. For example, someone that has arthritis or other problems with their hands will not be able to make a tight knot or firmly grasp all the right pieces of the tie. For someone that is living with disabilities of other types, they may not be able to take on something as intricate as tying a necktie.

In all of these cases, a wood bow tie is the perfect solution. Without needing to use finer-hand-skills, they can easily put on the pre-tied wood bows and use the adjustable strap to keep it firmly in place around their neckline.  These make the perfect gifts for dads, uncles, boyfriends, husbands and grandpas for Father’s Day, birthdays, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and the holidays.  For Veterans, remember we can make custom wood bow ties inscribed with the print or wording you choose.

Add your color to our ever-expanding neckband list

When we first started StoryWood Wearables, we only had black or white as the options. Over time, as special requests have come in, we have started to include other specialty colors such as blue, green or red for a surcharge of $4. However, keep in mind that we can match any color that you want, and we are happy to work with you for an additional cost if you want to send us a swatch of a fabric you are currently using for your event.

For example, we can make custom neckbands if you are making bridesmaid dresses and want to have each groomsman to have a neck band that matches exactly.  All you need to do is send us some of the fabric you are using. In the near future, we will also have options for leather neck bands, and our leather color selection will be based around current trends.


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