StoryWood Wearables Featured In The Courier-Journal!

StoryWood Wearables Featured In The Courier-Journal!

If your guy digs the unique yet polished look of a bowtie but has a tough time getting it tied just right, he might want to try wood.

That’s right, wood.

Wood won’t wrinkle, lose its shape, end up stained with dribbles of spaghetti sauce and best of all, never requires you learn how to tie a perfect knot. And that’s not all.

Storywood Formals, handcrafted in Louisville, are truly conversation starters.

“We specifically create each bowtie from wood that has a story, most often from historic renovations,” said Chelsea Hackbarth, who assembles the bowties at her local shop. “When a historic building is being repaired, we take the old lumber and make it into something that can be seen and loved for years to come.”

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