The Story Behind Your Bowtie

Learn where the wood we made your bow tie with came from from one of our StoryPaks. Verified by experts, and thoroughly researched, our StoryPaks give you in-depth background on where your wood came from.

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Original Wooden Bow Ties Made in America from Historic Buildings

What Story are You Wearing?
Whiskey Row

Every bow tie we make is built from wood reclaimed from historic buildings, like Historic Whiskey Row in Louisville Kentucky. Whiskey Row once served as home to the bourbon industry in Louisville, Kentucky, and has one of the largest collections of cast-iron facades outside of the SoHo neighborhood of New York City. In 1905, the buildings on the 100 block of W. Main contained at least 19 wholesalers, distillers, and other whiskey-related businesses.

In September 2014, the Brown-Forman Corporation, a major distiller based in Louisville with partial roots in Whiskey Row, announced plans to open an urban distillery for its Old Forester brand bourbon at 117 and 119 West Main.

After a fire devastated the buildings in 2015, wood was reserved from the fire for StoryWood Wearables. We’ve used that wood to create a line of luxury wooden accessories. Our ties and other accessories tell a unique story about the history of Louisville, and the bourbon industry that we built Kentucky’s economy around.

Look Sharp, Save Lives, Plant Trees

StoryWood Wearables donates a portion of revenue to Waterstep International, who trains people in developing countries how to use safe water solutions like water chlorination, bleach making, health education, and well repair.

StoryWood Wearables donates a portion of revenue to Trees Louisville, who raises public awareness of the value of the community forest and Louisvilleā€™s tree canopy deficit and to plant trees in areas of greatest need.


Tired of boring neckties for Father’s Day? Check out StoryWood Wearables. They are a delightful, unique show piece! I love the creative story behind the collections and historically connection to city. Ali hit it out of the park with this one – genius…….

A wide variety of styles to select and you can mix & match the patterns. I can’t wait for my next event to show off my recent purchase.

If you want to take it to the next level, add custom cuff links to complete the look.

Shawn Cark
Shawn Cark

StoryWood Wearables are rich in quality, including its craftsmanship, historical nature and are all around exceptional wherein that there is simply no other products/concept like it. Founder Ali Muhammad is a genius.

Courtney Phelps
Courtney Phelps

When I heard about these wooden bow ties I knew we had to get one for our son for Christmas. A one of a kind gift that will never go out of style!

Julie Colvin
Julie Colvin
I attended the fashion show at Play and loved the collection so much I purchased two bowties and now my best friend who lives in Little Rock wants to purchase one after seeing pics of mine. Awesome show Ali Muhammad!! Oh, and thanks for the awesome door prize gift you gave me. I really appreciate it.
Derrick Duckett
Derrick Duckett