Louie’s Pocket

$50.00 $29.99

Product description

Want to stand out, but you're not really a “bow tie guy”? Or maybe you're looking for the perfect accessory for your new bow tie!

The wood used to create this pocket square comes from Louisville’s Whiskey Row; it is over 150 years old. The Louie's Pocket features a dual-arched outline with two unique sides; the first has the Fleur De Lis etched into it, and the second is the relief. This wearable piece of art comes ready-to-go with magnetized strip to help keep it in place in your pocket. The Louie's Pocket also comes with our signature “StoryPak,” which explains the history of Whiskey Row.

StoryWood Wearables is about life stories – the story of the reclaimed wood we use to create our products, but also our company’s efforts to help people reclaim their own life stories.

For each product sold, StoryWood donates $1 to Trees Louisville, a non-profit which plants trees. In addition, 5 percent of sales go to WaterStep, a non-profit with a mission of providing clean water to the developing world.