Man o’ War Box Set


A two-piece wooden bow tie with a racehorse on the top and Man o War's iconic silks on the bottom, as well as wooden cufflinks with the shape of Man o' War standing etched into the top.

Product description

“He’s got everythin’ a horse ought to have and he’s got it where a horse ought to have it. He’s the mostest horse.”

Those are the iconic words spoken by groom Will Harbut about Man o’ War, widely considered to be one of the best Thoroughbred racehorses of the 20th century.

In an illustrious 21-race career, the son of Fair Play was beaten only once by a horse ironically named Upset.

StoryWood Wearables is proud to introduce our first Black Line product, the Man o’ War box set. This exclusive line is limited to 25 units, each of which includes one wooden bow tie and one set of wooden cufflinks. Each bow tie is individually stamped and numbered on the back.

The wood is sourced from the former Faraway Farm in Lexington, now the home of Mt. Brilliant Farm. Man o’ War spent all but his first year at stud living at Faraway Farm.

As with all our products here at StoryWood Wearables, every purchase supports a pair of local Louisville charities. TreesLouisville, to which we donate $1 for every item we sell, completes the cycle of our wood by rebuilding the tree canopy around the city. WaterStep International, to which we donate 5 percent of our total sales, helps to save lives around the world by providing clean, accessible water.