1973 Pegasus Pin Replica

StoryWood Wearables is making the first replica of the 1973 Pegasus Pin. This special pin is made out of wood reclaimed from Claiborne Farms, the home and resting place of the legendary racehorse, Secretariat.

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Official Pegasus Pin

Our pin, made of wood reclaimed from Claiborne farms, is an official Pegasus Pin. It will get you into all of the 30+ events of the Kentucky Derby Festival, and will have you looking unique and stylish at each one.

Our First Digital StoryPack.
We’ve authored our first digital Storypack for the Kentucky Derby Festival. This digital Storypack is only available to purchasers of the Official 2018 StoryWood Wearables Pegasus Pin.

Pegasus Pin Landing Page

2018 Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Pin.

This is an official 2018 Kentucky Derby festival pin, and will get you access to all of the 30+ Kentucky Derby Festival events in 2018.

Lovingly Hand Made in the USA

We reclaim wood from historic buildings and significant objects from all around the world. The wood for these pins comes from Claiborne Farms, where 1973 Triple Crown winner, Secretariat, spent most of his life.

Just like all of our other products, our Official 2018 Kentucky Derby pins are hand made, right here in Louisville Kentucky.

We cut, hand sand, spray, and assemble each Pegasus Pin we ship. Each pin gets an unique serial number that’s cut in to the back of the pin.

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Waterstep is a charity that provides water filtration solutions and sanitation training to people in third world countries. Storywood Formals donates a portion of sales to Waterstep to help finance the purchase of water filtration systems for people in third world countries, saving lives and making the world a better place.

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StoryWood Wearables donates a portion of each sale to plant and nurse trees right here, in our very own community. Trees Louisville identifies public school campuses in low-canopy areas and plants a variety of trees using designs tailor-made for each location.

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