Looking Forward: StoryWood Wearables Has Big Plans For 2018!

Looking Forward: StoryWood Wearables Has Big Plans For 2018!

In our first full calendar year of operation, StoryWood Wearables has grown into its own production space, added new members to the team, and set big goals for 2018. Our one-of-a-kind, two-layer wooden bow ties have started to gain some recognition, and we are looking forward to releasing several big new stories in the next several months.

Starting The Year Off With Gratitude

The list of people deserving our thanks is quite long; we have been blessed with a strong and supportive StoryWood family ever since our inception. 

  • Val Jones, the one-of-a-kind realtor responsible for helping us to acquire the historic wood from Louisville’s Whiskey Row.
  • Mark Hogg, the CEO of WaterStep who has been instrumental in getting StoryWood’s production shop rolling. WaterStep is our biggest charitable partner, to whom five percent of our profits are given, and our location since October of 2017. The ribbon-cutting ceremony on Oct. 10 was the event of the year!
  • Cindi Sullivan, Executive Director of Trees Louisville, is one of our founder’s biggest motivators.
  • Sean Stafford, co-founder of El Toro, a mentor and invaluable asset to our long-term goals.
  • Adam Humphreys, manager of Making 8 Inc., our web design guru and mentor.
  • Greg Fischer, mayor of Louisville, for all his support.
  • John Hillerich with Louisville Slugger.
  • Bill and Rob Samuels with Maker’s Mark.
  • Greg Heitzman
  • Carl Brazley
  • Steph Settles, photographer extraordinaire
  • Mike Olsen and his project to create awareness about IPF

New Team Members

Joining the StoryWood team in 2017 were new part-owner John Davenport and our first full-time employee, Jamarko Glenn. John splits his time between the shop and his day job in manufacturing IT, and has been a big part of optimizing the shop’s production of our signature wood bow ties and their wood-and-leather-bound StoryBook case.

Jamarko came on in December to staff the shop, and he has quickly become an integral part of the team. His attention to detail and willingness to pitch in wherever needed, including as a model in our latest photo shoot, have earned him a place at Storywood Formals for a long time to come.

Custom Bow Ties From StoryWood

One of StoryWood Wearables’ biggest plans in 2018 is to expand our custom bow tie offerings! Here are some of the most unique designs we came up with in 2017:

  • For Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer:
  • Racehorse Customs:
  • Louisville Bats baseball team:
  • The Fluer de Clef, originally created for Dawne Gee:
  • This tie was created for a local pastor, emblazoned with his favorite Bible verse:

New Stories For 2018

At StoryWood Wearables, each of our signature two-layer wood bow ties is made from wood that has a story. The current line, Whiskey Row, features 150-year-old wood from the distillery headquarters in downtown Louisville, part of which was destroyed in a fire in 2015. Here are a few of the stories we aim to release in 2018:

  • Maker’s Mark®, making bow ties with cyprus wood from actual fermentation vessels and dipping them in signature red wax
  • Louisville Slugger, crafting bow ties from the classic wood used to make the bats in one of Louisville’s most famous museums
  • Churchill Downs, crafting signature bow ties from wood from the barns of the iconic racetrack in Louisville (Kentucky Derby, anyone?)
  • Man o’War, one of the greatest racehorses of all time, will be represented with wood bow ties from his stallion barn in Lexington
  • Other exciting stories we can’t yet announce!
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