Kentucky Derby Weather 2017: Men’s Fashion Tips

Kentucky Derby Weather 2017: Men’s Fashion Tips

When you are getting ready for the KY Derby 2017, your might find StoryWood BowTies saves the day because there is always a chance that in early May, there will be rain.  Unfortunately, Kentucky weather is notoriously unpredictable, and everyone needs the most recent Kentucky Derby weather 2017 schedule in order to see if they need to figure in Kentucky Derby outfits that are weatherproof.  Despite this, you can avoid rain stains to your favorite Derby hats, expensive jackets, silk vests, and leather shoes with a few tips about how to plan for the weather for Derby Day 2017. Of course, one piece of high Kentucky Derby men’s fashion that always wins against rainy weather is our own StoryWood BowTies limited edition collections.

Staying fashionable in the rain for the 2017 Kentucky Derby

When you are visiting the Kentucky Derby for the first time, you may not be aware that some of the seats are not covered. If you paid a lot of money for your tickets to Churchill Downs, there is still a chance that you could have uncovered seats. This matters significantly because an uncovered seat can put you in direct contact with the weather during the Kentucky Derby. Obviously, choosing the right outfit for the outdoors while still looking fashionable is a difficult combination.

Why planning fashion for Kentucky Derby weather is difficult

When you attend a party that lasts from late morning until after midnight, your wardrobe could easily go through a lot of changes.  If a horse kicks mud on you during a horse race, you will want to change before you celebrate the winners at a nearby bar in Louisville that night.  Accidents can happen early in the day when a groom accidentally throws a bucket of water on you when you are giving your favorite Kentucky Derby contenders a visit for good luck — you will need a wardrobe change.  

For those unfamiliar with what it is like to attend a Kentucky Derby party inside or outside of Louisville — no matter which Kentucky Derby outfit for males combination you picked out for 2017 to watch your horse win, you could need a wardrobe change in the middle of the day. In addition to worrying about heat, you will also need to worry about rain or storms.

Why Kentucky Derby fashion sometimes involves two outfits

Many people love to turn the entire day of the Kentucky Derby into one long party. Churchill Downs definitely accommodates this type of festive spirit with food and drinks served from early in the day until long after the Kentucky Derby winners have retired. The race itself is held between 5 and 7 p.m. EST, but race day starts for most Kentucky Derby fans around 11 a.m.

This is when everyone starts arriving at Churchill Downs, and the weather during the early part of the day to watch the 2017 Kentucky Derby horses during their morning workouts differs from when they actually race after the close of the afternoon.  If you know you might need to change into a new outfit before, during, or after the Kentucky Derby, it is great to have something like a wood bow tie that is not color specific or difficult to match during wardrobe changes in a bathroom.  

The Kentucky Derby never stops for weather

If you think Churchill Downs will pause the Kentucky Derby because the weather is bad, think again.  For over 14 decades, Kentucky Derby men’s fashion has been styled high, but they also expect to get soaking wet.  This means that you might need to bring a rain poncho that is easily stored inside your Kentucky Derby pastel jacket pocket, but it is also nice to wear pieces of your outfit that are already waterproof.  

Wood bow ties endure rainy weather without getting soaked or stained, and it also means that you do not need to bring a backup tie in case the first one gets wet. If you plan to see if Patch wins the 2017 Kentucky Derby even if the weather is stormy, it pays to take some back up outfits to keep at the hotel or in the trunk of your car.  If you are taking a taxi to Churchill Downs, bring a plastic rain poncho that you keep in your jacket pocket.  

One piece of fashion during 2017 Kentucky Derby weather that is worry-free

Whether you are worried about your necktie wearing all of your Kentucky Derby food and drink or simply want an edge on local Kentucky Derby men’s fashion, StoryWood BowTies is a maintenance-free necktie that is difficult to get wet or stain.  Almost as important as seeing which Kentucky Derby hats for sale are locally-made, our wood bow ties are the perfect choice for a Kentucky Derby souvenir or memorabilia collection.

Along with our limited edition Whiskey Row Main Street bow ties that are available for KY Derby 2017, our collection will continue to grow.  Buy one of our Jefferson Skyline wooden bow ties to remember your trip to Louisville, Kentucky on Derby Day 2017 or let us help you with one of our custom-made designs.  

Thank you for choosing StoryWood BowTies for your Kentucky Derby men’s fashion ideas for your 2017 Derby party or day at Churchill Downs.  We look forward to seeing you on social media, so do not forget to tag us when you are wearing your wooden bow tie from StoryWood.


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