Hope: The Power To Change The Story

Hope: The Power To Change The Story

StoryWood Wearables is about stories – not only the stories of the historic wood we use to create our products, but also our efforts to help people reclaim their own life stories.

One movement that has garnered a lot of attention on social media of late is modeled around the #metoo hashtag. It has been a way of taking down the stigma attached to sexual assault, an issue that yet persists in today’s modern world. It began in October of 2017, at the same time StoryWood moved into our very own production space inside the WaterStep building in Old Louisville.

Tarana Burke created the phrase, and it was first popularized by actress Alyssa Milano when she encouraged women to share their stories.

“If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote ‘Me too.’ as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.”

Over the following months, #metoo has grown into an international movement that is not just an awareness campaign. It has also become a push for new legislation, including the ME TOO bill, a change in the way the legislative branch of the United States government treats sexual harassment complaints.

Odds are that a sexual abuse issue has touched the life of someone you know, perhaps even someone close to you. For us, that terrifying story came through the trials of a family friend and abuse suffered at the hands of her husband.

In response to the #metoo movement, StoryWood Wearables wanted to get involved. We created the “hope” design, a stylized butterfly, and crafted it into a magnetic lapel pin. The butterfly is a pervasive symbol of rebirth and hope and change, a theme that closely aligns with how The Center for Women and Families is making a difference in the life stories of local Louisvillians.

The Center is Kentuckiana’s rape crisis and domestic violence center, offering a range of services from legal help to counseling. StoryWood has decided to give $5 for every “Hope” pin sold directly to the Center for Women and Families, because their work is an important part of bettering our community and making the world a safer place for future generations.

You can learn more about the Center for Women and Families at their website: https://www.thecenteronline.org/

Please be sure to check out the Center’s volunteer opportunities here: https://www.thecenteronline.org/get-involved/volunteer/volunteer-opportunities/

The “Hope” pin is available for purchase here: Give Hope

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