History In Your Hands: Reclaimed Red Oak Stars In New ‘Kentucky’ Line

History In Your Hands: Reclaimed Red Oak Stars In New ‘Kentucky’ Line

“Oh the sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home…”

It’s time to launch a brand-new story line! With help from our friends at Kentucky Wisewood, StoryWood Wearables has created a new group of wooden bow ties crafted out of reclaimed red oak from barns across the bluegrass state. The wood primarily comes from the old tobacco drying barns that can still be found across Kentucky, standing as a testament to the hard work they once watched over.

The other two industries that helped to form the backbone of Kentucky’s economy also utilized wood. The time-honored tradition of distilling bourbon required wood for the barrel staves in which the amber liquid was aged, as well as for the storage facilities which held them. Thoroughbred horses are Kentucky’s other major industry, and the some of the sturdiest barns from several hundred years ago are still visible today.

Red Oak is a particularly hard wood, with a distinctive grain that makes every wooden bow tie unique. The four designs being launched with this Kentucky wood are: All About Kentucky, Seeing Diagonal, Mad For Plaid, and Fleur De Kentucky.

As with all our products here at StoryWood Wearables, every purchase supports a pair of local Louisville charities. TreesLouisville, to which we donate $1 for every item we sell, completes the cycle of our wood by rebuilding the tree canopy around the city. WaterStep International, to which we donate 5 percent of our total sales, helps to save lives around the world by providing clean, accessible water.

For every purchase of a StoryWood wooden bow tie, you accomplish three things:

Look Sharp, Save Lives, Plant Trees

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