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StoryWood Wearables sells more than just wooden bow ties, and we are commonly at events in Louisville, Kentucky and throughout America.  We are also hosting more events in 2017 including fashion shows, bow tie cinema nights, dances, gallery openings, and to be announced events that include our new historic sites.

In the past, StoryWood has sold wooden bow ties through a partnership with the historic landmark in Louisville, Kentucky; Whiskey Row.  When we present our wooden bow ties to customers or clients, we are giving them a real story and a piece of history.  

Thankfully, in addition to providing our history packet with each of our wooden bow ties, we also have other events where experts reveal the behind-the-scenes story of each place we get our historic woods from.  

For this reason, we are excited to be working with Churchill Downs in 2017, and we have reclaimed wood from their property that is being turned into our first wood brimmed fedoras as well as our limited edition Pegasus wooden bow ties that will be tied to our Kickstarter campaign in March 2017.