Whiskey Row Collection

Whiskey Row on Main Street is the original home of the bourbon industry in Louisville, Kentucky. Distilleries, especially those in central Kentucky, transported their barrels of whiskey by train or wagon to the Louisville market for sale and warehousing. Main Street, just one block from the Ohio River, became so populated with whiskey firms that it was dubbed “Whiskey Row.” There, distilleries, warehouses, sales agents, and distributors all operated. Companies such as John T. Barbee and Company, Brown-Forman Company, Greenbrier Distillery Company, and Old Kentucky Distillery, among numerous others called Louisville’s Main Street home to their business offices.

The buildings in the block-long stretch were constructed between 1852 and 1905, but a fire destroyed a major portion of the historic stretch in 2015.

StoryWood Wearables stepped in to preserve some of that history, reclaiming the wood and crafting unique, wearable pieces of art that celebrate the story of Louisville and the bourbon industry.

For each StoryWood pocket square or bow tie, you have your very own piece of history to share.

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