About Us

You may have seen a wooden bow tie on television or on the red carpet. You may even have considered making one for a do-it-yourself project. But what if the wood used to make that bow tie had a story?

If you are looking for a truly unique gift for someone special, a wooden bow tie with its very own history from StoryWood is right for you.

We also offer additional wooden products to complete your look: belt buckles, earrings, wood-accented fedoras, pocket squares, and other items made of wood from famous places in the world.

What sets our wooden bow ties apart

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, we have a unique product because our wooden bow ties are specifically created from wood that has a story, most often from historic renovations. This means that when a historic building is being repaired, we take the old lumber and make it into something that can be seen and loved for years to come.

Whiskey Row in Louisville was our first project; the wood reclaimed from that site is part of the oldest history in the city. Our future wooden bow tie collections will feature lumber from a Maker’s Mark distillery, from a barn on the grounds of Churchill Downs, and even from the Louisville Slugger Museum.

The perfect gift for him or her

Finding the perfect gift for your favorite tomboy, groomsman, best man, son, uncle, brother, or dear old dad can be a real challenge. Instead of giving money or a gift card, gifts like wooden bow ties never go out of style. They look great on men and women, but they also carry a story. For baseball fans, our Louisville Slugger factory wooden bow ties are an ideal present to a man or woman because the reclaimed lumber provides the viewer with an “if these walls could talk” feeling.

Along with Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or a wedding gift, StoryWood’s wooden bow ties are also great for corporate gifts.

Black, white, grey, and pink wooden bow ties

Have you been searching for a black, grey, white, or pink bow tie that stands out from the rest? Finding the perfect bow tie is easier when you can have one designed specifically for you. After all, finding the best suit or dress shirt is difficult enough, but the necktie option is something we can help you with.

Although the finished wood product will not be pink, grey, black or another color, the color of the neck tie fabric and the designs on the wood itself can be changed at the customer’s request. The finished wood bow tie is the original color of the lumber without added stains and is finished with a clear varnish.

Not only can we change the color, but we can also design a tie just for you! Get in touch with us at here to kick-start your own custom bow tie.

How our wooden bow ties are environmentally friendly

Finding a gift for someone that is extremely environmentally conscious can be difficult, but our wooden bow ties and other StoryWood products gather a lot of green points quickly. In addition to being environmentally friendly because they are made from reclaimed or reused wood that would have otherwise ended up in the garbage, clothing made from wood does not need to be laundered, and it also can be easily recycled. Of course, we make each StoryWood product with exceptional quality so that it can be re-gifted each generation for decades to come.

A special place in our heart for the Kentucky Derby

Each year we are immersed in Kentucky Derby fever, and StoryWood was proud to play a part in the 2017 Kentucky Derby festival in a few ways. In addition to working toward the creation of wooden bow ties made from historic remnants of Churchill Downs, we also have a special design that pays homage to our unofficial Louisville mascot: The Thoroughbred.

Creating one-of-a-kind fashion for men and women

When people think of bow ties, they often forget these look great on women too! For this reason, if you have an idea for a bow tie with a feminine touch, be sure to let us know, and we can work with you on the fashion/design aspects.

Let us know if you have any special requests

Are you interested in wooden bow ties for your wedding, but the color you need to match is coral and not brown?  Along with a variety of designs, we can also use stains and other pigments to create a one-of-a-kind wooden bow tie just for you special day.

Our special order wooden bow ties can include upcoming limited edition wood as well as historic or reclaimed wood provided by the customer.

The main team behind StoryWood Wearables and our wooden bow ties are Ali Muhammad and Collin Machine. We started up our small business using skills learned from mentors like Shelton McElroy at Louisville, Kentucky workshops at The Samuel Platonic Academy and Jefferson Community Technical College.

We are also made stronger by our partnership with HistoriCorps in 2017 and have had ongoing support from the Filson Historical Society, Louisville Slugger factory and museum as well as Churchill Downs.

When it is time to give back to the community, we hope you will remember some of our favorite non-profits and charities including YouthBuild, The Louisville Coalition for the Homeless, Trees Louisville and WaterStep.